Woods & Water at Clatworthy Reservoir

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Join us at Clatworthy Reservoir for an adventure set on the edge of Exmoor in the scenic Brendon Hills. Our first races of the evening will take place in the daylight with a choice of 5 or 10 mile races around the reservoir. While the final race of the night will be 5 miles and start 10 minutes before sunset.

The race courses will all go around Clatworthy Reservoir.  The route around the reservoir takes in the dam, ancient woods, slate beaches and cliff sides. The trail is wide and great for running with spectacular views through out the course.

The race starts and finishes around the reservoir viewing point near the visitor car park to reservoir.

Aid Stations
There will be an aid station about 3 miles around the reservoir for the 5 mile races. The 10 mile race will have aid stations at 3, 5 and 8 miles. There will be refreshments at the end for all races. As well as water our aid stations are stocked with a variety of sweets, fruits and other snacks.

Course Markings
The course will be well marked with plenty of signs with reflective elements. As well as marking the turnings we also have signs to warn when a turning is coming up and to block off wrong directions. Our races also have a breadcrumb style trail which lets you know you're on the course and heading in the right direction.

Terrain & Course
The 5 mile races are singular laps. The 10 mile race is 2 laps.

The course is mostly comprised of a wide track around the edge of the reservoir. Gravel tracks and grass surfaces make up most of the surface but there are also tarmac, stone and decking in one small spot. There may be mud in spots but overall the course is quite well drained.

Each lap of the reservoir has an approximately 160m of ascent and descent.

Spectators, as the runners  have access to the whole reservoir. The course is a large 5 mile loop so no one place will see more of the runners than any other. There are picnic benches at various places on the course but there are no short cuts back to the start/finish area. So either have to follow the 5 mile route all around the reservoir or turn back in the direction you came. We would ask you to make sure you do not interfere with runners on the course.

More Information
The daylight 5 and 10 mile races will start and finish in the daylight. You do not need to wear a head torch unless you really really want to!

You will need to wear a head torch or equivalent for the dusk race as this race starts just before sunset. Please carry spare batteries or a backup torch, a limited number of which will be available to hire or buy on the night.  We recommend emailing to book.

Age limits
16 and above for the 5 mile races, 17 and above for the 10 mile race.

Time Limit
Daylight races 10 mile is 2hr 40 mins and 2hr 25 for 5 mile, the dusk 5 mile race has a time limit of 1hr 40 mins.

Race Limit
Daylight 5 & 10 mile is 250 combined. Being a new race we plan to buy medals for 200 finishers, if they sell we will reduce the price although there will also be an option to choose not to receive a medal on signup.

Dusk 5 mile is 250. Being a new race we plan to buy medals for 175 finishers, if they sell we will reduce the price although there will also be an option to choose not to receive a medal on signup.

5 mile daylight & dusk is £18 affiliated or £20 unaffiliated
10 mile is £20 affiliated or £22 unaffiliated
£4 discount if booking two races.

Canicross - unfortunately dogs are not permitted at Clatworthy reservoir whether running or spectating.