Lapland Virtual Races



Stuck at home with no real prospects of going away to somewhere cold and white for Christmas - in that case what could be better than to virtually run across Lapland to make your own fun?  Taking in the sights of the beautiful northern lights, reindeer forests, ice-lakes, crossing the arctic circle and visiting Father Christmas - what more could you ask for over the Christmas period?

With 4 routes to choose between, all starting on the 1st December - you get to pick just how challenging you want your Christmas to be!

South to North - you have 2 months to run the 400 mile length of Lapland!

West to East - you have 2 months to run the 170 mile width of Lapland!

Coastal - you have 1 month to run the 50 mile coast of Lapland!

Coast out & back - you have 2 months to run the 100 mile out and back coast of Lapland!

Simply pick your distance and we'll send you the link and code you need to login to Challenge Hound, which tracks your progress along a virtual map.

You can upload your activities manually or, if you are using Strava to manage your activities then the system will automatically pick up your sessions and give you an update on your progress.  If you're the competitive type, it will also show you where you are against friends and rivals!

Of course, for some of you, the most important part will be the bling at the end and as usual, we will have beautiful bespoke medal waiting for when you have completed your challenge.

So if you are looking for some motivation and some healthy competition, either against yourself or your friends then this could be just the challenge that you are looking for!